Jan 18, 2011

A quick update for all of you :

...before i leave to do my HW. Thats how my heads going to look :) but straight. I WAS Thinking of getting curls but it wouldn't make sense because my hair is straight:/ if you understand me?

The hair extensions i have bought are 60cm long, Chinese hair which is slightly brown at the bottom. I really cant wait it comes because hair can change everything about someone!

Jan 1, 2011

Hello bloggers  by the end of the year i want to be able to dress like this naturally ---->its extremely simple but majorly cute, my hair is naturally dark brown but because i have brown skin i dont really want to bleach my hair, because the contrast is quite bleh. so i'm going to bleach my ends and dye them aqua ^^ sound mad right but i think it will suit me. My inspiration comes from cherry gun. To be honest i dont really like the idea of curly my hair everyday so i'll have to keep them in bun spirals in the night :)... my extensions or 70cm and 60 so i can layer it...