Aug 31, 2010


I'm so happy i finally reached 20 followers~ it may seem like a small amount to you but im getting their
Tilde was the girl who made my followers 20 ^^ so check out her blog

I was holding this post for quite a while but know i think i can finally show you my future style plans
and meet outfits :

This is how i plan to dress for the anime con~ im not cosplaying this year, i dont really cosplay that much  i just usually go overboard with my style so i've decided to wear a grey top like in the picture if i cant find this exact top then i might just have to make it~ a black pullover , pointed black mini heals, micro fishnet tights and sunshades(i hope its sunny). Overall exactly the way the picture is shown. double click it for a LARGER view.

The girl in the middle seems to be wearing something similar accept its in black and white and she has a frill tail at the front.

As for my hairstyle i have three options either like above( sunshade gal) this:

or like this: its a very cute simple hairstyle and because my face is actually quite long having bangs arround my face will make it appear shorter however my bangs now touch my lips thanks to hair growth mayonnaise :/ i think you can see for yourself which is the more galish hairstyle.
Nail ideas:

and finally my makeup : this picture is of sukoa~ her hair, makeup and clothes are always on point
i personally think that she a great rokku gyaru without even knowing

so thats it for today

Aug 30, 2010

i saw you have been written about on a website about chinesepeople that girau thing are you sad? ps- that girl with the suspenders...ouch

gyaru you mean~ im not sad :D haha lol i just take it as advise now

Ask me anything ^^

Heavy image post~

Recently i've gound my self downloading alot of magazine scans ~ these are
the ones for september next month^^ enjoy

I didnt want to put up too many pictures after all this isnt a tumblr ;P

I really like nikorun's hair at the bottom the 3rd image

New Buys ^^ Mega cheap

So i've just come back from the shops my main aim was to go out and get a few beauty products mainly the ones Jazz sugested ^^

  • So First off all i bought Clearasil Overnight Serum from Superdrug 2 for 7£ one was £6.95 or something like that so i was like i might aswell buy two;you rub it on your face at night like moisturiser, and it stops you getting spots completely.
  • Secondly i bought Bio oil  before:£19.95 after:Price: £16.95 my mum bought two and i bought 1^^ it basically help with scars,stretch marks,uneven skin tone,ageing and normal skin care so im really hoping this will get rid of my stretch marks and uneven skin.
  • 3rd i bought Diana skin fading cream i think? its in lebanese so i cant really tell you much about it but it says ; Diana cream c.t.r a specially formulated cream prifies the skin and elimates freckles, blackheads and acne. leaves the skin feeling soft smooth and refreshed:) in english.
  •  4th i bought Japanese veet(shower) and hair lighting cream at £1 each!!! yes amazing pricing i know it was a sale so ~i think you guys probably know what the does.As for the japanese white cose masks i got a while ago the first day worked for me but the second day i got a rash i dont know if it was due to the masks though so i might try em again afterall i have a whole tub of them :

Recent Buys^^

So i recently decided to Buy these items from japan~ their really cute right^^
i thought these extensions would come in handy at least then i would have a bit of
Gal colour in my hair~
I'm Still not really sure about this hoodie its a bit revealing dont you think/
I really like here hair


Aug 28, 2010

Must watch!

A clip from “Unchiku-kun Shirisugi” introduces a Tokyo University student who came to Japan from Russia with dark hair, but then transformed herself into a gaudy blonde gyaru after she was exposed to Shibuya street fashion: Because gyaru clothing is designed for thin women, she also lost 15 kilograms (33 pounds). A huge chunk of the income she earns from a part time job is spend on new clothing.

Uploaded by aclark44. - More video blogs and vloggers.

Last~ last friday

So on the 20th of August マジッ子☆ギャルサー held their firs gyaru meeting ^^ I hoped on a train to get to victoria and waited near the ladies room for quite along while, whilst strange people passed by staring at me :( but finally every one arrived and started swapping clothes like we had aranged im happy with the items i took away~~
I admit when i saw Jou for the first time in months she looked fucking amazing! She was wearing a fur white coat a black and goldish long gal top and high knee black boots***i was like woah; it showed me how far i need to improve *
 it was really fun where we went first, we really couldn't decide to eat so we just went to any restaurant that looked apertizing, Kei came to visit us too !

The bento boxes were delicous (however 4 hours later when at home my food poisoning set in and i was sick for 6hours straight) . After we ate we went to China town to take sticker photo's were we also saw Haz & Kazu they we so cute i'd say their the best Gyaru o i know  >< while we were their we were asked to be in a movie for HanKing we were really excited~

After the sticker photo's wear taken it was already getting late and people had trains to get on so we decided to depart from their. It was truely a fun day~ oh i also attempted doing lepoard print pink nails a day before


So first off~ a  tutorial for normal gyaru hair

Then agejo hair~

Gyaru makeup~ from the dvd Girly Gal

Hope you enjoy

Outfits of the day

please check this link out i fount it very usefull~ although its in thai please manage^^

Mean while
Ma*rs has some really cute new items~
I really like the skirt with the little leg thingy~>< it looks so cute and could be worn
casually with the right top i think i might attempt making this actually its not that hard

However i really do not like the last clothing it think its way to much and looks a mess~
what do you think?

Aug 27, 2010

Today i decided to get stickam~ its a bit hard to use the
the japanese version but i'll learn to use it

Dont you think its kind off unfair how gyaru o~ basically dont have to wear makeup and gal have to wear loads to look Gal:(
for instance take a look at this:

(double click for a larger view)
double click for a larger viewand again~ no makeup
:( how unfair guys have it lucky at so many things
they dont even realise


Update ;*

Hello everyone long time no see~
i recently got alot of advise for my blog and one of them was not to picture spam so today i'll be writing about my current buys, favourite blogs and beauty products^^
So i'll start of with the blogs ive been enjoying recently the most:        ----> she recently bought EGG lashes from japan and a few other products that i like the look of ~ ----> spoke about her view on manba and how it reflects in japan and outside ----> talked about the galmeet up in Helsinki; the all looked AMAZING.! ----> i fell in love with this girls hair at first site ! ** ---> she bought a new  camera lense ~ its in finnish( i think her blogs really nicely set out^^

anyway as for my current buys ^^

Some lashes from korea; they are actually much
more dramatic than i though they would be
im yet to find out if thats a good thing
or a bad thing

I saw these on my friend evan and thought i have to get them
the next day i saw them in a Gal shop on rakuten ~
^^> Evan
Anyway i also bought a Uv detector charm so i know
exactly when the sun get too much for my skin

i also bought a deco ~ 50 pieces but they havent arrived yet
Go check out her nails ~ they look really nice i was actually thinking
of getting this done because it would be so much cheaper and easier
than get massive 3d parts on my nails ; minding that i do street/hip hop
dancing ~

i dont wont to put a picture up because it might be seen as stealing pics so yh
when i get permisson i will

Beauty Products:
So ive been using Bodyshop face cleanser with my BB cream
and actually its much better for my face rather than just using BB cream alone
because my skins pretty dry:(

I would also recommend if you face is pigmented in some areas use Simple: Facial toner
i use it when im taking off my makeup and you can actually fell it working )
anyway guys thats it for today

Aug 24, 2010

Okay so recently i found a gal magazine/group i dont really know what they are but anyway their called SG Break they have a tv show to wich is really funny :)
You should go check it out