Aug 27, 2010

Update ;*

Hello everyone long time no see~
i recently got alot of advise for my blog and one of them was not to picture spam so today i'll be writing about my current buys, favourite blogs and beauty products^^
So i'll start of with the blogs ive been enjoying recently the most:        ----> she recently bought EGG lashes from japan and a few other products that i like the look of ~ ----> spoke about her view on manba and how it reflects in japan and outside ----> talked about the galmeet up in Helsinki; the all looked AMAZING.! ----> i fell in love with this girls hair at first site ! ** ---> she bought a new  camera lense ~ its in finnish( i think her blogs really nicely set out^^

anyway as for my current buys ^^

Some lashes from korea; they are actually much
more dramatic than i though they would be
im yet to find out if thats a good thing
or a bad thing

I saw these on my friend evan and thought i have to get them
the next day i saw them in a Gal shop on rakuten ~
^^> Evan
Anyway i also bought a Uv detector charm so i know
exactly when the sun get too much for my skin

i also bought a deco ~ 50 pieces but they havent arrived yet
Go check out her nails ~ they look really nice i was actually thinking
of getting this done because it would be so much cheaper and easier
than get massive 3d parts on my nails ; minding that i do street/hip hop
dancing ~

i dont wont to put a picture up because it might be seen as stealing pics so yh
when i get permisson i will

Beauty Products:
So ive been using Bodyshop face cleanser with my BB cream
and actually its much better for my face rather than just using BB cream alone
because my skins pretty dry:(

I would also recommend if you face is pigmented in some areas use Simple: Facial toner
i use it when im taking off my makeup and you can actually fell it working )
anyway guys thats it for today