Dec 31, 2010

Recently Bought items from , HK and beyond:)

Red Bape Hoodie, Harem trousers,
 an MCC t-shirt and mircro beads  ~
 Their 70cm human hair!!
And a new high Fashion glossy jacket
with a curved hood. I'm trying to get the ganji look.

So i bought these clothes to look the part,
i'm still trying to find my self if you understand what i mean ...?

Nov 28, 2010

New lenses

So I only have 4 pairs of cirle lenses right now 2 of them which I wear regularly and the otheres once in a while.So I've decided to buy some more really pretty ones: i think their really dolly and so shiny , i really love shiny lenses so i've ordered them :) I havent been going to the gym lately like i said i would but the truth is its too cold, and i can not be bothered to suffer in this weather when i already have too much on my plate. I have however been dedicated to my style and daily snap shots :
as its winter i've been looking hard for some warm clothing that suits me and i've found some looks that i quite like.My wardrope is slightly boyish because i used to be a tomboy and really still love the HK tomboy look so i'm attracted to people when i see it.
Ive been really getting into music lately.
 It seems to be taking over my day.
 Everyday i say to myself " kay its time to revise now"
 but i never get round to doing it. Lol i think maybe because revising seems boring , even when its put in game form;the reason for this is because it drags on and on.

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Nov 14, 2010

  • So this is a list of things i want , want to do and happens :
  •  I want to be able to play at lease 20 of Mozart/Bach songs on piano
  • Grow my hair REALLY long
  • become a pro at pump fiesta or at least get to level 9 by the end of this year
  •  Get into a relationship ( a cute one)
  • loose 4kg
  • Have a figure like below.
  • Get a hair crimper/ waver

Lol I'm standing in a lift right now on my way to Argos
 in need of a pair of straighteners. Yes because my
other amazing pair that used to heat up in seconds
became faulty and stopped turning on... I should
 have worn gloves my fingers are Cold and stiff ,
that reminds me I haven't gone to the gym in about
 a week talk about a waste of money. Sometimes I really
 enjoy having a blackberry and having bbl but really I
miss my Chinese phone which my mum now own -____-
I think I'll just save alot by
y self to get another one next year of the year after that
 or basically when I turn 17, at least I would have used
 my bb to it's best.* errr someone is really smelly on
 this bus, I hink it's old man* I understand that people
get old but old age doesn't not equal a bath free life.

Nov 7, 2010

Right now i'm about to start watching 单身公主相亲记
~ its a chinese drama as you can see and translates to single princesses and blind dates, i chose it to watch because it looked funny,romantic and interesting. Now sitting and watching the opening its exactly how i thought, i cant wait :)  theirs ALOT of actresses and actors i must say.
Okay do theirs a lady discussing a wedding,? maybe fore her daughter.LOOOL their at a daughter son arrangment even waa~ so many ren...eww they guy breaking up with her is so ugly.
Haha Ba Mei ,ta de nuer shi hen serious lah..

Nov 6, 2010

Rihanna in Westfield

Hello, everyone!
It's been absoloutely decades since I left A post but to make liFe easier i've decided to Write by my iPod so I can let the few followers how my blog and lifes going ...
well yesterday I whent to see Rihanna put on the chrismas lights :
she actually really pale and looks like an angel
 I was standing the in the massive boiling crowd thinking how can someone be so pretty*_______*
but anyway as for my blog I'm slowly goin to try and drift it away from gyaru culture because I've actually dropped the style right now I don't really feel comfortable stepping out the door in the style so I will just leave it to the rest of the confident people .
to be continued ....

2NE1 are  really on a role their new album sounds amazing and the look amazing~ i really like it when minzi's hair is long because her hair only looks its cutest when its brown and she keeps on making it black again :) My favourite song is Hurt right now , i havent been bothered to translate the lyrics because you can feel the sadness just by watching the MV...

Oct 6, 2010

Long time

No see~
 i'm not going to give an excuse today i just
 havent had anything really important to right about but
ive found a nice topic today~
chinese gyaru - their alot of chinese gyaru  however many
always fall into the online label fzl; 
either liking fzl or not 
they most likely will end up as on a site like farpop because 
their still kills 
 which makes them abit harder to look for,
 and  i dont have time to remember their names
 but some are really worthit for example ying~
see the bottom corner fzl? do you get what i mean now?
i guess its abit okay for me because  i can read chinese but i cba lol
but for you guys i will-- so here are some chinese gyaru


she actually models for online chinese gal shops if some of you are
wondering maybe were you've seen here

i really like outfits like this ive got a picture of a mainstream girl
cherry gun  above

she's not gyaru though --->

Sep 27, 2010

Typical gyaru clothing/ items:

All mostly taken in shibuya:
Many of the things in the post; you can find somethint similar
but not always the same, the point of this post is to show the general
pieces and pattern everyday gal wear~ with the winter coming up its always
nice to see what you could wear; keeping in mind you have to stay WARM.

Im not promising you'll be able to find these things here in the U.K.
but its worth a try :)

Print loving gyaru

By now you would have noticed its really common for gals to wear print
dont ask me why i dont really know
but it does look nice doesnt it?

 Then you have the checkered and stripes , i really like this look because i have loads of things like this
and sometimes its nice to not ALWAYs be out their :

The chanel model /straight haired looking gyaru. I actually love straight hair it looks really nice
the only thing is i dont really understand why alot of gaijin girls that do this get acused of not being
gal but scene :( oh well :

The reddish brown makes my smile everytime i see it, i dont know why it just makes me feel
all gingery lol ( weird right) but just love virbrant deep colours


look she's warm and still looks gal

im off now i hope you enjoyed my post hehe im quite happy because i
just recieved another blog award thankyou.!!