Sep 27, 2010

Typical gyaru clothing/ items:

All mostly taken in shibuya:
Many of the things in the post; you can find somethint similar
but not always the same, the point of this post is to show the general
pieces and pattern everyday gal wear~ with the winter coming up its always
nice to see what you could wear; keeping in mind you have to stay WARM.

Im not promising you'll be able to find these things here in the U.K.
but its worth a try :)

Print loving gyaru

By now you would have noticed its really common for gals to wear print
dont ask me why i dont really know
but it does look nice doesnt it?

 Then you have the checkered and stripes , i really like this look because i have loads of things like this
and sometimes its nice to not ALWAYs be out their :

The chanel model /straight haired looking gyaru. I actually love straight hair it looks really nice
the only thing is i dont really understand why alot of gaijin girls that do this get acused of not being
gal but scene :( oh well :

The reddish brown makes my smile everytime i see it, i dont know why it just makes me feel
all gingery lol ( weird right) but just love virbrant deep colours


look she's warm and still looks gal

im off now i hope you enjoyed my post hehe im quite happy because i
just recieved another blog award thankyou.!!