Oct 6, 2010

Long time

No see~
 i'm not going to give an excuse today i just
 havent had anything really important to right about but
ive found a nice topic today~
chinese gyaru - their alot of chinese gyaru  however many
always fall into the online label fzl; 
either liking fzl or not 
they most likely will end up as on a site like farpop because 
their still kills 
 which makes them abit harder to look for,
 and  i dont have time to remember their names
 but some are really worthit for example ying~
see the bottom corner fzl? do you get what i mean now?
i guess its abit okay for me because  i can read chinese but i cba lol
but for you guys i will-- so here are some chinese gyaru


she actually models for online chinese gal shops if some of you are
wondering maybe were you've seen here

i really like outfits like this ive got a picture of a mainstream girl
cherry gun  above

she's not gyaru though --->