Nov 6, 2010

Rihanna in Westfield

Hello, everyone!
It's been absoloutely decades since I left A post but to make liFe easier i've decided to Write by my iPod so I can let the few followers how my blog and lifes going ...
well yesterday I whent to see Rihanna put on the chrismas lights :
she actually really pale and looks like an angel
 I was standing the in the massive boiling crowd thinking how can someone be so pretty*_______*
but anyway as for my blog I'm slowly goin to try and drift it away from gyaru culture because I've actually dropped the style right now I don't really feel comfortable stepping out the door in the style so I will just leave it to the rest of the confident people .
to be continued ....

2NE1 are  really on a role their new album sounds amazing and the look amazing~ i really like it when minzi's hair is long because her hair only looks its cutest when its brown and she keeps on making it black again :) My favourite song is Hurt right now , i havent been bothered to translate the lyrics because you can feel the sadness just by watching the MV...