Nov 14, 2010

Lol I'm standing in a lift right now on my way to Argos
 in need of a pair of straighteners. Yes because my
other amazing pair that used to heat up in seconds
became faulty and stopped turning on... I should
 have worn gloves my fingers are Cold and stiff ,
that reminds me I haven't gone to the gym in about
 a week talk about a waste of money. Sometimes I really
 enjoy having a blackberry and having bbl but really I
miss my Chinese phone which my mum now own -____-
I think I'll just save alot by
y self to get another one next year of the year after that
 or basically when I turn 17, at least I would have used
 my bb to it's best.* errr someone is really smelly on
 this bus, I hink it's old man* I understand that people
get old but old age doesn't not equal a bath free life.