Nov 28, 2010

New lenses

So I only have 4 pairs of cirle lenses right now 2 of them which I wear regularly and the otheres once in a while.So I've decided to buy some more really pretty ones: i think their really dolly and so shiny , i really love shiny lenses so i've ordered them :) I havent been going to the gym lately like i said i would but the truth is its too cold, and i can not be bothered to suffer in this weather when i already have too much on my plate. I have however been dedicated to my style and daily snap shots :
as its winter i've been looking hard for some warm clothing that suits me and i've found some looks that i quite like.My wardrope is slightly boyish because i used to be a tomboy and really still love the HK tomboy look so i'm attracted to people when i see it.
Ive been really getting into music lately.
 It seems to be taking over my day.
 Everyday i say to myself " kay its time to revise now"
 but i never get round to doing it. Lol i think maybe because revising seems boring , even when its put in game form;the reason for this is because it drags on and on.

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