Aug 30, 2010

New Buys ^^ Mega cheap

So i've just come back from the shops my main aim was to go out and get a few beauty products mainly the ones Jazz sugested ^^

  • So First off all i bought Clearasil Overnight Serum from Superdrug 2 for 7£ one was £6.95 or something like that so i was like i might aswell buy two;you rub it on your face at night like moisturiser, and it stops you getting spots completely.
  • Secondly i bought Bio oil  before:£19.95 after:Price: £16.95 my mum bought two and i bought 1^^ it basically help with scars,stretch marks,uneven skin tone,ageing and normal skin care so im really hoping this will get rid of my stretch marks and uneven skin.
  • 3rd i bought Diana skin fading cream i think? its in lebanese so i cant really tell you much about it but it says ; Diana cream c.t.r a specially formulated cream prifies the skin and elimates freckles, blackheads and acne. leaves the skin feeling soft smooth and refreshed:) in english.
  •  4th i bought Japanese veet(shower) and hair lighting cream at £1 each!!! yes amazing pricing i know it was a sale so ~i think you guys probably know what the does.As for the japanese white cose masks i got a while ago the first day worked for me but the second day i got a rash i dont know if it was due to the masks though so i might try em again afterall i have a whole tub of them :