Aug 28, 2010

Last~ last friday

So on the 20th of August マジッ子☆ギャルサー held their firs gyaru meeting ^^ I hoped on a train to get to victoria and waited near the ladies room for quite along while, whilst strange people passed by staring at me :( but finally every one arrived and started swapping clothes like we had aranged im happy with the items i took away~~
I admit when i saw Jou for the first time in months she looked fucking amazing! She was wearing a fur white coat a black and goldish long gal top and high knee black boots***i was like woah; it showed me how far i need to improve *
 it was really fun where we went first, we really couldn't decide to eat so we just went to any restaurant that looked apertizing, Kei came to visit us too !

The bento boxes were delicous (however 4 hours later when at home my food poisoning set in and i was sick for 6hours straight) . After we ate we went to China town to take sticker photo's were we also saw Haz & Kazu they we so cute i'd say their the best Gyaru o i know  >< while we were their we were asked to be in a movie for HanKing we were really excited~

After the sticker photo's wear taken it was already getting late and people had trains to get on so we decided to depart from their. It was truely a fun day~ oh i also attempted doing lepoard print pink nails a day before