Aug 31, 2010


I'm so happy i finally reached 20 followers~ it may seem like a small amount to you but im getting their
Tilde was the girl who made my followers 20 ^^ so check out her blog

I was holding this post for quite a while but know i think i can finally show you my future style plans
and meet outfits :

This is how i plan to dress for the anime con~ im not cosplaying this year, i dont really cosplay that much  i just usually go overboard with my style so i've decided to wear a grey top like in the picture if i cant find this exact top then i might just have to make it~ a black pullover , pointed black mini heals, micro fishnet tights and sunshades(i hope its sunny). Overall exactly the way the picture is shown. double click it for a LARGER view.

The girl in the middle seems to be wearing something similar accept its in black and white and she has a frill tail at the front.

As for my hairstyle i have three options either like above( sunshade gal) this:

or like this: its a very cute simple hairstyle and because my face is actually quite long having bangs arround my face will make it appear shorter however my bangs now touch my lips thanks to hair growth mayonnaise :/ i think you can see for yourself which is the more galish hairstyle.
Nail ideas:

and finally my makeup : this picture is of sukoa~ her hair, makeup and clothes are always on point
i personally think that she a great rokku gyaru without even knowing

so thats it for today