Sep 7, 2010

Mitte mitte!Gyaru ne~

i want to worn you this evening post will be very long because i have my gcse's as some of you may know and i dont have time to regularly update so today i will be telling you exactly what i think gyaru is and exactly how i gyaru scan.

  1. first thing i look at is hair colour not hair. Hair colour this is mostly because gyaru predominantely have brownish ginger blonde hair . Once you have this hair colour in japan your are automatically labled ギャル!
2. You rarely find gals with black hair but their are some i am one of the but its harder.
 Then the hairstyle, most of the time its curly but i like straight gal hair.

3. I then straight away look at their overall outfit; just a quick glance a first:
this i just so i can figure out what type of gal they are, its always handy to know

4. i look at their makeup, this usually can show how much their apperance means to them.

5. The little accesories; a must!
Finally: nails and keitai!
If your a true Gal you should stand out amongst the crowd. Like so: