Apr 2, 2010


其滑稽如何,现在它的阳光普照。但是当我出去一分钟一去的情侣。这是下雨这么多...我决定今天穿什么衣服......这因此,我希望住在美国。〜天气是这么漂亮,所以是人民^ ^哈哈。我的天变得更加恶劣...。我order-online,我将一定要张贴图片^ ^

Its funny how, right now its sunny. But when i went out a couple of minutes ago.It was raining so much ...i decided today to dress really girly but their was no point because of the weather... and that why i wish i lived in america.~ the weather is so pretty and so are the people ^^ lol.My day gets even worse...no post came and ive ordered tones of stuff online lar. but when i get them i will be sure to put up pictures ^^
i think im going to go and do my nails
 now~ bling bling