Apr 3, 2010

Okay~ so i found out many people aren’t following because they cant understand ~ this is a really good reason lol so i promise from now on to right in english and chinese ^^ so that you can~ but maybe not japanese because thats looong. And i need to focus on one language at a time .
Erm so i would really like to know 
what exactly people wanna see on my
blog wheather its makeup advise
or style advise hehe~
but let it be appropriate 
like dont ask me stuff i dont know sh@t 
about >......<
lol my knowledge of gal fashion 
has drastically decreased..
i know just focus on Ganji/FZL and erm CLAF. 
If you don’t know what CLAF is its made up by me lol its stand for central london asian fashion ~ you know like the style of peeps who hang in troc and ddr and stuff like that yuh ^^ 
Lol im talking to a gal know and she seems really confused ahah... 
anyway back to what i was saying~ 
i really wish i lived in US or HK because it would be so much easier to buy things most of the stuff i have is either form Mainland China, Hk, Korea or Us i dont really waist my time buying cr@p from the UK unless its HandM or erm Somewhere in Ktown
anyway thats all for today 
i love you all
wo ai ni
bai bai